1. Acceptance of the Terms

1.1. By using the services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") offered through our web page (ie www.kLorii.ro, including any variant of mobile access) you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions (hereinafter will refer to these by "T&C"), including any other amendments.
1.2. This document represents a contract between kLorii and any person (hereinafter referred to as "User") who uses the information services and information resources offered by kLorii.
1.3. Our services are valid only by the acceptance by the User of the T&C that are stipulated in the following and by the creation of a User account in accordance with the provisions of art. 5.
1.4. The registration of minor persons as Users is done only with the consent of the parents, guardians or legal guardians, which thus declares that they agree with the T&C stipulated in the following.
1.5. The User confirms that the T&C presentations have been communicated to them, which are made available to any User in electronic form on the website www.kLorii.ro, which may also be printed by the User for a proper archiving of this Agreement.


2.1. kLorii offers Online Services consisting of the User's access from fixed or mobile platforms to the informational resources offered by the website www.kLorii.ro and the applications dedicated to mobile devices.
2.2. In order for the User to be able to access the website www.kLorii.ro and the applications dedicated to the mobile devices and to benefit from the Services, an adequate Internet connection and a device to access the content are required. Without the proper connection, the technical conditions and the necessary programs, the User may not be able to benefit from the Services.
2.3. The service is available only to Users registered under an Account created on the website www.kLorii.ro or through dedicated applications for mobile devices, according to Section 5, below and authenticated when accessing the content.
2.4. The service is available only online, without implying the copying, uploading or storage of informational content by the User.

3. Modification of the Terms

3.1. kLorii reserves the right to make changes in T&C by making them in the "Terms and Conditions" section of the website www.kLorii.ro. In case of changes in T&C, the User will be informed about these changes and will have to accept them with the first access of the Account, after implementing the changes in the case.

4. Free Services

4.1. kLorii offers to the Users free of charge, for personal use, access to the website www.kLorii.ro and dedicated applications for mobile devices. Given the fact that the Services will be permanently diversified, it is possible that, at some point, the free access to the services will be eliminated and the delivery conditions will be modified.

5. Account registration and details

5.1. The User can access the Services only by creating a User account (hereinafter referred to as "Account"). The User can create a single Account, requesting a User name, a valid email address, a password to choose, as well as certain personal information. In order to activate the Account, the User will receive an email (which is possible to enter in the "Spam" file) which will contain a link that must be accessed in order for the registration to be validated.
5.2. The user can opt for registration using his account and profile from the Facebook social network, the Facebook Connect service. In this case, all or part of the registration information will be sent directly from the User profile on Facebook.
5.3. The user acknowledges that all data provided for the creation of the Account must be correct and reflect the reality. Users are fully responsible for the information provided, and kLorii will not be liable for the use of incorrect data provided by the User (including in official documents).
5.4. kLorii recommends that the password of the Account be kept confidential. kLorii will not be responsible for any problem / changes of the Account that may occur after the password has been disclosed to other persons. The user has the obligation to report to kLorii any unauthorized use of the Account.
5.5. The User may deactivate the Account at any time, with the renunciation of the Service, this action equivalent to the unilateral termination of the Contract.
5.6. Each User Account contains its Profile created on registration and the User's access to it is made by the email address or the username and password indicated on the registration. The information delivered in the profile by the User must be authentic and accurate.
5.7. The User Profile offers the user the possibility to configure the Services, to complete and modify the included information. The personal profile can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

6. Duration of the contract

6.1. This is a framework contract, its duration corresponding to the duration in which the user account is active.

7. Intellectual property and data processing

7.1. KLorii's name, logo, website, and all applications developed for the distribution of the Services are the property of kLorii and may not be copied or used for exploitation by other parties without the prior written consent of kLorii.
7.2. By agreeing to these T&C, the User agrees to provide the information necessary to create an Account, including personal data, which may be used by KLori in accordance with the Privacy Policy. In addition, the User agrees to receive by e-mail address, provided upon registration, official documents and any other information relevant to the use of the Account and the Services.
7.3. kLorii has the right to send unsolicited commercial messages to the Registered Users, for the purpose of delivering information or advertising of their own products and / or services or of third parties, without these being declared Spam by the Users. kLorii also has the right to carry out surveys with different topics and opinion polls. By joining these T&C, the User agrees to receive such messages from kLorii.

8. Technical aspects (including equipment)

8.1. Any problems related to the availability of the Services, due to the technical problems should be communicated to kLorii as soon as possible using the "Contact" page on the website www.kLorii.ro or at the email address [email protected].
8.2. The user acknowledges that the malfunctioning of the Services or their failure may be due to the inappropriate internet connection or incompatibility with the device owned by it. kLorii is not and cannot be responsible for the improper functioning or unavailability of the Services due to problems related to third party telecommunication networks or incompatibility of the devices used by the User.
8.3. kLorii does not guarantee to the User the continuous operation of the Services or its availability. There is a possibility that temporary interruptions may occur in the normal functioning of the Services.
8.4. kLorii is not and cannot be held liable by the User, by a third party or an institution, for the interruption or unavailability of the Services, nor for any losses, direct or indirect, of business opportunities or for the unrealized profits of the User or some third parties due to the unavailability or inadequate functioning of the Services.
8.5. The User will use the Services in an appropriate manner so as not to cause problems in the normal functioning of the Services and will be held liable in the face of damages for any damages that may result from the inappropriate use of the Services or third parties to which the User has made available by password or by breach of the obligations established by these T&C. Parents or guardians of minors bear responsibility in the event that Users are minors.
8.6. In order to use the Services, there is a need for an adequate Internet connection and an appropriate device for connection. kLori is not and cannot be held responsible for the malfunction of the User's equipment.
8.7. The user can access the Services offered through the website www.kLorii.ro or by using other software applications depending on the device used. Software applications developed by kLorii will be available for download on its website or through specific sites for downloading applications. The user will be solely responsible for downloading and installing software applications, but also for complying with the licenses or the terms and conditions accompanying the use of the applications. kLorii will not be liable for the abusive or incorrect use of the software applications or for their failure.

9. Other clauses

9.1. The user agrees to use the Services in accordance with these T&C, for non-commercial personal purposes.
9.2. The following actions will be considered fraudulent, and kLorii will have the right to immediately cancel the contract without any prior notification of the User, but also to claim compensation for the damages arising from these actions: a) the provision of the Services to third parties for the purpose of obtaining some material benefits; b) providing with bad faith the incorrect information or statements; c) other actions meant to harm the kLori or the Services offered.
9.3. The following actions are considered to be offenses, kLorii having the right to report to the authorities: a) misuse of the site by knowingly introducing viruses, trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware, etc. or other such instruments intended to cause harm; b) unauthorized access of the website, server or databases that contribute to the provision of the Services; c) "denial-of-service" or "distributed-denial-of-service" attacks. kLori will also be entitled to claim damages for damages arising from these actions.
9.4. kLorii will not be held responsible for any damage to the computer or to the User's platform that may arise from the above actions carried out by third parties.
9.5. kLorii does all the necessary diligence so that the information accessible from the site is accurate and up-to-date, but does not guarantee for the authenticity and integrity of the content and does not commit to terms of updating the information.

kLorii is not responsible for the access, quality and safety or validity of a particular food, nor for the information published by the food through their profile or through advertising messages, this information being provided by the food in question. By accepting these T&C, the User declares that he is entirely responsible for the risk of using the Services. In case there are suspicions regarding the correctness of the information provided through the website or the kLorii applications, they can be communicated to [email protected].

9.6. The user bears the complete responsibility for the data provided in the Profile, as well as for the comments and opinions published on the food. kLori reserves the right to cancel the User account if its opinions and comments violate the legal provisions, demonstrate or indict violence against humans or animals, humiliation, threatening of life or bodily integrity, have pornographic or sexual content, present or indict at discrimination of sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc., offends good reputation, honor or dignity of other persons, urges the commission of crimes against the state or awakening, presents or urges behavior that threatens the protection of the environment, violates the rights of property or harms the interests of other third parties, contains data about the personal password or personal data of some third parties or information protected by law, have contained unclear and poor quality. kLori reserves the right to remove from office those comments or opinions that fall under the art. 9.6.
9.7. The present agreement is subject to the law of the Romanian state. Any conflicts or claims that may result from this contract will be resolved amicably. If the solution is not possible, it will be appealed to justice.
9.8. The contract is considered to be concluded on the date of accession to these T&C.

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