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The calorie calculator below helps you find out the nutritional values of over 38,000 foods. To use the computer, look for the desired food in the box below and add the quantity consumed, and the total values will be displayed.

Calorie calculator

A calorie calculator is an important tool in nutrition, with the help of which you can find data on foods consumed so as to ensure a healthy diet. Also with this tool you can keep a diet IIFYM which assumes that it does not matter what you eat as long as you do not go beyond the limits of macronutrients (calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc.) that you must consume.
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Opinions of people in the field

Radu Antoniu Think Eat Lift

One site you can use to check calories and macronutrients is Klorii

It's a much nicer interface compared to other sites.

The first time I thought it was the same as MyFitnessPal and I was wondering ... why would I need another similar tool.

The great thing is that it has in the database the nutritional information for the foods we use here in Romania, you can access them immediately, and it has various easy-to-follow charts.

E o aplicație făcuta de un român pentru români și cred că are potențial mare.

Bogdan Muscle Boom

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